First Things First…

This is so crazy, I cannot believe I am writing about my life in the underworld.

Yes, I refer to the adult sex industry as the underworld because 99% of it is disgusting bullshit.

I mean even the way a worker can act at times will repulse herself. The things people in this business have done for money, drugs and/or payback are sick.

I fortunately came into this world in a bad spot but with a good head on my shoulders. Minus the first year or two, I stayed away from the drugs and drama.

The ‘pimps’ aka ‘madams’ were in my life for a couple of years but I quickly tired of them as well.

No matter what I do in life I refuse to work for someone I am smarter than. And after 12 years, I have yet to meet anyone in this shit ass lifestyle as smart as I am. That is not a brag, we’re talking about fucking hookers and pimps here, not exactly the ‘Rhodes Scholars’ of society.

Maybe some of these bitches are more ‘educated’, more ‘refined’ but they are not as smart. The smartest ones in this game are the ones you don’t know about.


If you are doing this and you are all over the internet, all bragging about how proud you are to be doing this for a living, well in my eyes you are a fool.

Becuase no matter how much you charge, no matter how good you look, no matter how much YSL and Gucci you can afford…you still get men off for a living, just like the crack head street-walker walking the beat.

So this is what it is, no gloss, no make up, no acting like the money is even remotely worth it. Because if you are mildly sane and in this business, no amount of money can or will make it ok.

It just is not an ok life.


Everyone else can front, I choose to keep it real.

One Love,





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