Everytime I Felt That Was That, It Called Me Right Back…

I guess by all means people would ask me something like ‘Well it’s been 12 years, why have you not left the business yet?’

And I guess by all means I equate that shit to me asking you why you have not left your job of a dozen years in which you have moved up from worker to manager to boss?

See, there is forward movement in my world if you are not on drugs and not an asshole.

Just like the ‘real world’ in many ways.

Except in my world if you slip off your game for even a second, you don’t get reprimanded by a boss, you get cuffed by a cop.

We all live the same life, we all wake up and go to work, eat with and deal with the same shit.

You may think I make more money than you and in some ways I do.

But remember my upkeep is way higher…

And I also have to have enough money to have a lawyer and bail at my disposal.

Why don’t l leave? Well maybe because I have invested ‘the best years of my life’ into this shitty ass world and I want to see it through.

I have studied many things on the side to prepare me for my eventual departure/retirement from this shit world, I save my pennies and I take care of myself.

After so many years of doing this for a living and crying, stressing over this and asking ‘Why?’ about this, I have accepted my destiny for what it is.

I work hard, I care for myself and my clients and I treat all beings with kindness.

And let’s be clear, in 12 years I have attempted to leave this industry many times but something always happens.

It’s just like Jay-Z said…’Everytime I felt that was that, it called me right back…’

One Love,





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