It’s All The Same Game, All The Same Pain…

In my world there are 3 type of people…pimps, hoes and John’s.

Well…and cops.

You have good and bad in each category.

Again, remember ‘good’ is a relative word.

Is a pimp ‘good’ cuz he gives you a good split and does not beat you? Yet he makes you have sex with him in a seedy hotel as an ‘audition’ as his wife and child wait in the car, in the parking lot….

Is John ‘good’ cuz he see’s you regularly, compliments you and gives you tips? Yet he knows you were sexually assaulted and raped as a child…

Is a whore ‘good’ cuz she cares for her clients, shows up on time and stays discrete? Yet she has a partner she lies to about her line of work…

In the real world you have bosses, employees and clients….

If you are lucky have a ‘good’ boss, gives you a raise, a promotion, takes you golfing but everyone knows he will axe your job the second his is on the line.

You have a ‘good’ employee who works hard and plays fair yet you know the second they get a better job offer, no matter how long they have worked for you, they are out the door.

Then you have the ‘good’ client, loyal, pays on time and does good business. Never mind the fact they are constantly consciously or subconsciously looking for a cheaper replacement for your and your services.

So see your world, my world, same shit.

I worked in corporate America for a handful of years in my early 20’s, did well, wore Armani, drove a BMW, blah blah blah so please note, I have experience in both.

I made a choice to leave a very good job with excellent advancement opportunities at a young age. I could have been very successful in the corporate world and  I obviously have thought about that decision I made so many years ago, often.

And I come to the same conclusion…I would have still ended up on this road.

So trust me when I say, The Lost Boyz were correct when they said, ‘It’s all the same game, all the same pain…’

One Love,




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