Forever Never Seems That Long Until You’re Grown…


I ask myself every damn day…will I be doing this forever?

And obviously the answer is NO. But truthfully the only reason why it’s NO is cuz I am going to get ‘old’ and this game is not a game for the elderly.

It’s kinnda like hip hop…there are no 50 year old rappers. Why? Cuz by 50 they should be out, made that money and moved on to owning labels, retired in Florida, doing whatever it is retired hustlers do.

At the age of damn near 36 I am already a fucking oldie in many ways. Especially in this industry. My saving grace is, minus some of my clients, no one knows how ‘old’ I really am. I am super fit and healthy and I have excellent skin genetics. I still get carded for tobacco products, Dutch Masters, to be precise.

Most people peg me to be anywhere from 25-28, I have not heard someone tell me I look 30 since I was 28. To me this is not something I can not even joke about, this is how I make a living. Maintaining my appearance is a full time job and a costly one too. I enjoy it though and to save money I do it all myself minus my nails/toes (short in black or white) and my Japanese perm.

I spend HOURS a day working out and taking care of my skin. I get lots of sleep and eat a plant based diet. I am proud to say, I am all natural, I never touched my face, I rock very small boobs and I don’t even dye my hair. I am lucky to have no gray, another thing I work hard to keep away.

In order for me to make a living in this world I have to maintain pretty much, unattainable/not maintainable looks and physique. Sure there is a market for less than that but I want to retire, not dwell in this shit.

I already feel as if I have been in this shit forever and it is like Outkast said…’Forever never seems that long until you’re grown…’

One Love,



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