Ho-tel, Mo-tel, Holiday Inn…

More  like a Hoe-tel.

Seriously, the amount of hoes that can be staying in one hotel is crazy. There was the Sheraton in the Meadowlands back in the day and rumor had it there were up to 100 working girls in that hotel at any given time.

It was well known at the time, all the escort agencies were paying off the cops in the area so no one was getting busted.

Working out of hotels is how lots of girls start in this biz. I don’t know much about street walkers cuz I never was one and I never really knew any personally.

The ones I did know of in passing by were all addicted to drugs and looked beat up. Walking the beat like that is tough and the money is not good.

The girls working out of hotels are making anywhere from $100-$1000 an hour. And the hotels are anything from a Red Roof Inn to a Grand Hyatt. When you are turning tricks, it’s all the same shit. Trust me, I worked them all.

Staying in hotels was cool at first. Comfortable beds, room service, pools, gyms the whole shit but after a while it sucks. Lugging all your shit around, candles, music (this is if you are a dope provider as I was) and checking in and out of places is really nerve wrecking.

Then you have to hope that house keeping is not around when your clients come to visit. Nothing off about 4-5 different men entering the same hotel room in one day.

Sometimes at more ghetto ass agencies we had to share rooms, 2 beds of course but when one whore got a John the other had to leave. It was not so bad, those were actually some fun days. We had lots of girls from Cali and the mid west coming to Jersey to work.

Believe it or not Jersey was the spot for girls to come work for quite sometime.

And one popular spot was the ho-tel, mo-tel Holiday Inn in Edison…

One Love,



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